How does a Song Team Austin event work?

Song Team Austin (STA) coordinates local professional singer/songwriters to work with groups seeking a fun team building experience that's unique to Austin, Texas. Each songwriter facilitates a group of between six to ten people to write a song that promotes a message, idea, product, service, or shared value. Each team collectively decides a song style (e.g., country, blues, jazz, rock), and they may choose to create an original melody or use the melody of a well-known song.

At the end of the songwriting session, and with the help of their songwriter, each team performs their song in front of the whole group of attendees. In a contest situation, an individual or a panel designated by the organization judge the songs. STA can provide sample criteria used for judging.

The whole experience typically takes 2-1/2 hours, but please note that the more teams there are, the more time is needed to accommodate a longer performance portion of the event. Participants are especially motivated if prizes can be offered to the winning group for their efforts (see more below). Performances can be videotaped and photographed, adding to the fun.​

What kind of groups does Song Team Austin serve?

Song Team Austin works with all kinds of groups for all kinds of events. Here's a sample:

  • Sales Teams: Let your sales reps write songs that promote your product or idea. The experience will deepen learning to prep your sales force for success.

  • Management Teams: Bringing management together can strengthen collaboration as well as your organization's goals.

  • Board Members: Let your board recommit to the mission, vision, and values of your organization through song.

  • Community Coalitions: Coalitions can overcome organizational differences through an event that focuses on common missions and goals.

  • Staff and Volunteers: Team building works at every level, and a Song Team Austin event for staff or volunteers can build a greater sense of commitment at every level.

  • Friends and Family: Song Team Austin events are great for everything from birthday celebrations, to family reunions, to wedding parties, to an intimate Valentine's Day experience.

Do we need to be musicians... or even creative types?

STA believes that everyone is creative, and many people are much more creative than they realize! But we also understand that creative activities like songwriting and performing can feel a little intimidating. STA events overcome this with a roster of fun, personable, skilled and creative songwriters who make the experience an effective and remarkably fun collaboration for everyone. Our experience tells us that this kind of group work removes inhibitions and builds confidence and group cohesion.

How many people can participate?

In most circumstances, songwriting teams ideally range in size from 6-10 people. This size allows everyone in the group to actively participate in the songwriting process. While it's possible to work with larger teams, individual participation tends to decrease in larger group situations. STA can also work with small meetings and even couples.

STA can easily support events involving from two to 100 people. With larger groups, we can split into two or more groups and run team-building sessions consecutively during the day. No matter how large your group is, be assured that STA will work with you to achieve a positive team building experience based on your unique situation.

Where are Song Team Austin events held?

STA events are typically held at a conference meeting facility with breakout space available (e.g., hotel conference space or corporate conference offices). Have a different idea? Talk to us!

What other logistics should we know about?

Required: Besides a facility with breakout space, each songwriting team will need a flip chart and markers. STA events also require a sound system, at least one microphone on a boom microphone stand, and a channel through which an acoustic guitar can be run. A sound system is usually available through the conference meeting facility, but STA can supply it, if necessary, for an additional fee.

Recommended: STA strongly suggests that you offer prizes for the winning team (and even their facilitating songwriter!). Your teams might also enjoy having the experience captured on video or in pictures, but it's not required for a successful STA event, and STA does not currently offer these services.

Can you tell us more about prizes?

Since true team participation is usually one of the criteria for judging performances, prizes can genuinely motivate everyone to participate actively. While STA can assist in choosing and purchasing prizes, we strongly believe that this is best left to you. After all, you're best suited to know what prizes will motivate your participants!

What can you tell us about the songwriters/facilitators?

First, STA songwriters/facilitators are pros. Collectively, our roster of writers are accomplished musicians who have won dozens of songwriting awards and have extensive recording credits. Many of them have experience in teaching, training, or facilitating workshops prior to working with STA. They're fun, flexible, versatile, and spontaneous--all qualities essential to facilitating a wonderful team-building experience.

How much does it cost?

STA customizes a quote for every client based on the number of event attendees, the desired group size, length of time needed, and travel costs for the songwriters. The quote includes providing fun, professional songwriters to facilitate team songwriting and lead them in performance. We want to work with you, so let us give you a competitive quote for your next event!

Want more? Download our STA one-sheet, then contact us to start the conversation about your next event.